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Ecocute offer various solar PV and battery storage system packages every month at one time only special offer discounted price.

SPECIAL OFFERS will be sold on a first come, first served basis, while stocks last or until the offer date ends.

  • Lowest Price in the UK
  • WHICH Endorsed
  • Nationwide Installations
  • Pay NO Deposit
  • NO VAT “We Pay It For You”
  • NO Sales Person Will Ever Call or Visit Your Home
  • FREE System Monitoring
  • FREE Ecosure Insurance Backed Warranty
  • Transparent Pricing ‘We Publish Our Prices”
  • FREE Remote Survey


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There’s NO big secret how we can offer such great packages, at ECOCUTE we keep our overheads low and work effectively and efficiently.

We do not employ sales personnel, which means you will never be contacted by any commission hungry pushy sales, we buy in volume and deal direct with the manufacturer direct to the home owner

Solar PLUS Storage

When considering a solar panel installation, we understand from our customers that “more” is always at the forefront of peoples minds;

“Produce more” “Save more” and “Earn more”

  1. Solar Panel – more power in less space – Tier ONE module with high efficiency and power output, enabling you to get the most out of the roof space you have and helping lower your energy bills and shorten the payback period through increased yield at lower costs.
  2. Battery – Stylish and sleek in design, can install and look good almost anywhere in a home, SAFE battery chemistry (LifePO4), 90% DOD (Depth of Charge), 10 years warranty, 10,000 battery cycle life, UK TECH support with dedicated ON-SITE breakdown support by the manufacturer.

Aphetically Pleasing & Powerful

Australian owned and operated company offer range of battery storage products designed from the ground up with both Hybrid and AC Coupled for both residential and commercial applications.

Soltaro manufacture the whole system, including both the inverter and the battery, the system is future proof and with a simple WIFI connection, the system can be updated remotely set to charge/discharge and any time day or night to work with utility tariffs like time of use, economy 7 tariffs and government policy.

Peace of mind – now expanded into the UK, offer an industry first, we all aware of rogue installation companies, here today gone tomorrow attitude.

Soltaro have come up with quite a unique and refreshing approach to protecting its end users, from its base in the Midlands offer an on-site breakdown and support service, even in the event that your installation company decides to disappear, you’re protected by the manufacturer.

Soltaro is an affordable way to lower your bills and become up to 80% energy independent, the inverter comes with a standard 10-year warranty and a 10,000 cycle lifetime battery warranty, stackable battery system up to 20kWhr can be installed almost anywhere within the home.


Solar panels come standard with comprehensive warranties that provide value-adding security you can depend on.


Ensures that your REC solar panels will perform exactly as they are expected to – every year for 25 years.


Promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves maintain their superior quality for 12 years.


Astronergy Reinsurance Coverage Provided by Munich RE.


The Trannergy TL series inverter is manufactured in China using only the very best components such as infineon and Hitachi, the TL series inverter has been tried and tested in the UK over the past seven years with over 200,000 units already installed here, We can say with confidence that in our opinion the TL series is, without doubt, the best no-nonsense inverter on the market, with less than 0.3% failure rate, UK based distribution and service and helpline, We are very proud to offer this product as standard.


  • 10 Years Standard Warranty
  • 20 Years Warranty Upgrade
  • FREE WIFI System Monitoring Portal
  • FREE Mobile Monitoring App



Select Your Offer

EcoCute Ltd
  1. All Special Offer Solar PV prices are Installed prices and based on a standard One or Two storey property with no obstructions to roof access, with single roof design.
  2. Properties that are three storey and above/large or oversize conservatories/obstructions to the roof area, that require extra scaffolding is priced at cost, all quotations are supplied before commencement and is paid upon completion.
  3. Properties that require multiple roof designs and installation, would have a standard extra roof charge of £279 per roof applied.
  4. Prices include all standard roof tile types however does NOT include rosemary tile or obscure slate tile, installations that require extra materials ie Limpets or Hook Stops at a standard cost of £18.50 per panel.