Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we at Ecocute Ltd get asked.

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If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to call on 0800 246 1221 and one of our dedicated survey team will be happy to answer your questions.

A: Solar energy takes advantage of the sun’s rays to generate heat or electricity.

It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner.

A: In layperson terms, photovoltaic cells are comprised of a semiconductor material such as silicon.

Added to the silicon are the elements phosphorous and boron which create conductivity within the cell and activate the movement of electrons.

The electrons move across the cell when activated by the sunlight’s energy into the electrical circuit hooked up to the solar panel.

A: Our Most Popular System is our largest for Residential which compromises of 16 x 250 Amerisolar Polycrystalline Modules giving a total of 4kWp solar electric system will cost £4,995.00 to include all components – Solar Modules, Trannergy String Inverter – Standard Scaffolding, Installation and commissioning.

We provide Free of Charge System on line monitoring, Free HIES Insurance backed warranty policy, Free 12 months Service warranty.

A: Our Most Popular System is our largest for Residential which compromises of 16 x 250 Amerisolar Polycrystalline Modules giving a total of 4kWp solar electric system will cost £4,450 to include all components – Solar Modules, Trannergy String Inverter – Standard Scaffolding, Installation and commissioning. We provide Free of Charge System on line monitoring, Free HIES Insurance backed warranty policy.

A: Solar photovoltaic systems require very little to no maintenance – there is no real need to wash or dust our modules since they are self cleaning, we would advise that the panels get professionally cleaned once per annum, it is important at design stage to Install the solar panels where they will remain clear of shade and debris.

A: Planning permission is not required provided that:

1. No part of the panel exceeds the highest part of the roof.
2. No part of the panel protrudes more than 20 centimeters beyond the plane of a roof slope facing onto and visible from a road.
3. Panels do not exceed the boundary of the existing roof.
4. If you live in a house within a conservation area or World Heritage Site the roof slope on which the panels are fitted must not face onto and be visible from a road.

Eco-Cute will automatically pre-register the installation on the planning portal with ELECSA

A: The Majority of homes are suitable for solar PV , So long as you have a good East to West facing roof, North facing roofs should be avoided however the Solar Panels will still Produce quantities of Electricity on a North Facing roof however production will be drastically reduced in comparison to a South Facing roof.

Your existing electrical set up will have to be checked for compatibility by our Surveyor at the Technical Survey stage.

A: The UK receives, on average, 60% of the solar energy that the equator receives, which works out at between 900 KWH and 1,300 KWH a year depending on just how sunny it is!

A: From your initial enquiry we will send you a personalised MCS compatible estimated Report based on your location, orientation, roof pitch, roof size and estimated system size please call 0800 246 1221

Or email and request for your free Solar PV report to

A: Unlike other Solar Companies, We display all our prices on our pricing page there are three main variations to pick from

Color choice Dark Blue with Silver Frame or Black with Black Frame.

Choice String inverter or micro Inverter.

Choice On-Roof or Roof Integrated.

Our System prices are based on a standard two storey property’s with a single roof design and Portrait in design, property’s with three storey’s or oversize conservatory’s will have an extra scaffolding charge applied, Property’s that requires a multiple roof install, will have an extra roof charge applied.

For properties that require Landscape designs needing extra mounting frame and roof fixings will have a landscape panel charge applied.

A: On average an households return of investment is around 5 to 8 years, We have seen payback times of less than 5 years by using our standard flagship 4KW system, The feed in tariff runs for a guaranteed 20 years so your investment will continue to provide returns into the future.

Our Amerisolar panels have a 30 year warranty so they will keep producing energy long after the Feed in Tariff agreement ends, you will also protect yourself against energy price rises for the next 10, 20 & 30 years.

A: Unfortunately the indicators are that prices will rise. As a recent articles in the press points out, the cost of energy, resources, materials and manufacturing is rising globally.

It’s likely that solar panels will never be any cheaper than they are now however nobody can predict this for sure, At Ecocute we have signed various supply agreements with various manufactures which secures prices for the foreseeable future, we have driven down the price of solar systems however our commitment to offering the very best service available will always increase but never decrease.

A: The short answer is “yes” Solar panels work by converting the photons in sunlight to electrons (electricity).

Photons are able to penetrate thin to medium thickness clouds, so that even on overcast days they are still able to reach your panels & generate electricity.

However when there is a large amount of thick cloud in the sky, the panels will not function, as a very limited amount of photons will be able to pass through.

A: The largest product parts of a solar system is the panels and mounting frame however they go on your roof, standard scaffolding will be erected and taken down the same day aside from this we will need either some space in your loft, under the stairs, or in your garage or basement, to install the small amount of internal equipment.

A: We will never send a sales person or representative round to your house because we simply don’t employ them “period”.

We only employ dedicated solar PV consultants who will give you the correct information and the correct quotation; unlike other Solar companies we display our prices.

A: Amerisolar offers a 12-year product warranty and an industry first, 30-year performance warranty

The modules are rigorously tested and carry the necessary MCS certification for the UK (link) thus enabling our customers to claim the UK Governments cash incentive The Feed in Tariff

Amerisolar Solar Panels Out Performs in PHOTON Lab’s Independent Field Testing

Amerisolar has once again proven its competence in the field of solar panel manufacturing when its solar panels were tested against 102 other brands through and independent field testing by PHOTON Lab.

Amerisolar’s module performance ratio are 99.6% and 101.5% respectively in January 2014, which is obviously among the best power yield performance of solar modules considering both module’s installation two years back

The best solar panel brands that participated in the test are those with performance ratios close to 90%. Those with 85% or lower performance ratios are considered poor modules. Take note, Amerisolar mono and multi modules showed 99.6% and 101.5% performance ratios.

The fact that Amerisolar products showed high power yield performance and performance ratio is a sure reason why it has earned the trust of people worldwide, supplying over 1.6 billion clients to date.

These numbers definitely speak for themselves. Amerisolar certainly offers nothing but the best and most efficient solar panels like no other!

A: Ecocute personally do all the product sourcing and supply agreements, since we’re passionate about the technology and quality products, all our products have been tried and tested and carry the very best and unrivaled warranty’s in the industry of up to 30 years, All workmanship carried out by ourselves is guaranteed for two years, and to give our customers extra piece of mind all our systems come with a insurance backed warranty with HIES.