Many homeowners want to be self-sufficient and energy independent from their utility supplier, but also want the security and back up of the utility grid supply.

The first step is to generate your own clean, green renewable energy from solar PV. Those of you who already do this, can simply add a VARTA Pulse to your existing solar installation, without any loss to solar generation nor Feed in Tariff.

VARTA Pulse can be added to any new or existing solar PV installation.

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Time of energy generation and demand often differ which is why only around 30% of self-generated energy can normally be used without Varta Storage.

Electricity generated with existing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems must be used instantly otherwise the generated energy is automatically sent back to the grid with little to no benefit to the homeowner.

By adding VARTA Storage system self generation can be increased up to 80% regardless of the weather.

VARTA Storage can be added to any new or existing solar PV installation.


Pulse 3 (3.3kWh)

Pulse 6 (6.5kWh)

Available in two size classes (3.3 kWh and 6.5 kWh), delivers reliability and safety whilst packing powerful charge and discharge rate of 1.8/2.5kW. Another plus is the ultra low standby consumption of 1.4W and fast response rate.

VARTA Pulse is wall mounted and can be installed almost anywhere within the home.

  • Compact all-in-one system – battery inverter integrated
  • Two size class: 3.3 kWh or 6.5 kWh
  • Ultra low standby: 1.4 W
  • VARTA Pulse can be cascaded: Up to 5 VARTA pulses can be connected by a VARTA link
  • System warranty 7-year maintenance warranty
  • Battery warranty 10 years or 4.000 cycles
  • Over 130 years’ battery experience
  • Made in Germany

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All-in-one system delivers a compact and powerful solution,wall-mounted & space-saving can be installed almost anywhere in a UK home.

Already got solar?That's great!

Retro-fit to any new or existing solar PV system!

VARTA Pulse AC coupled all-in-one system.

Perfect to retro-fit to existing solar PV systems without changing your inverter!

If in future your demands increase, the system capacity can increase. VARTA Pulse is a flexible system that allows the extension of up to 5 separate connections of several home energy storages of the same type.

Fuel your electric car from self-produced solar energy!

Many people plan to buy an EV. But often their homes don’t fulfil the requirements for charging the EV properly. That’s different with the VARTA home energy storage and a solar PV system! The self-produced energy will be stored during the day and is available in the evening hours, when the EV are usually being charged. Using green energy to charge the EV makes it even more environmentally friendly.

Use the VARTA Pulse as a petrol station for your electric vehicle.

Coming to a VARTA Pulse System near you!

“MyEnergyCloud”Store FREE SolarEnergy in the summertime when plentiful

Energy communityin the cloud

“MyEnergyCloud” private solar power system owners will soon be able to save the power they have generated like a credit, then access this energy at a low cost at any time. Your photovoltaic system and the energy storage system from VARTA can make you independent of the electricity market. Digital electricity meters and your own app make it easy and convenient to use the cloud.

“MyEnergyCloud”Claim stored energy back in the winter when you most need it

Smart Networking

The VARTA Storage App enables you to control and view your VARTA Energy Storage System at any time.

  • How is the weather at home?
  • Is the sun shining?
  • Does my photovoltaic system produce electricity?
  • Does my VARTA energy storage system currently save power or does it serve consumers in the house?

Everything simple, understandable and directly at a glance.


You can call us on:

0800 246 1221

VARTA Pulse 3 (3.3kWh)

VARTA Pulse 6 (6.5kWh)

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VARTA Pulse 3 £4274
VARTA Pulse 6 £5554

Inclusive of Installation

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