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Soltaro - Australian owned and operated company offer range of battery storage products designed from the ground up with both Hybrid and AC coupled for both residential and commercial applications.


Expandable Storage

Local & Remote Monitoring

Clean Energy

Expert Engineering

Plug & Play

Sleek, Modern Design


Soltaro – manufacture both inverter and battery, with a simple WIFI connection, the system can be updated remotely set to charge / discharge any time day or night on demand to work alongside the utility grid taking advantage of time of use and economy 7 tariffs.

Peace of mind

Most of us are aware of rogue installation companies’ here today gone tomorrow attitude. Soltaro have come up with quite a unique and refreshing approach to protecting its end users, from its base in the Midlands. Offering an on-site breakdown and support service, even in the event that your installation company decides to disappear, you’re protected by the manufacturer Soltaro.

Soltaro is an affordable way to lower your bills and become up to 80% energy independent. The system comes with a standard 10 year warranty and the battery a 10,000 cycle lifetime warranty at 90% DOD (depth of charge). Batteries are stackable up to 10kWhr and can be installed almost anywhere within the home.

ESS Energy Storage System IP 65
Australian Designed and Engineered

Soltaro All in One is available in two technology versions, Hybrid or AC Coupled

Also two size versions as standard.

  • SOL2 is 2kWh and expandable to 5 units totalling 10kWh.
  • SOL5 is 5kWh and expandable to 5 units totalling 25kWh.


  • Wall Mounted, IP65 for Indoor or Outdoor Application
  • Expandable, from 2kWh – 25kWh
  • Virtual Power Plant Ready
  • Smart Grid, Back-Up, Off/On Grid
  • Hybrid or AC Coupled Inverter options
  • New Application or easy add on to existing solar installation


  • Fully expandable from 2kWh – 25kWh
  • Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LiFeP04) battery technology is one of the most reliable, safe and long-lasting lithium technologies on the market.
  • Due to its uniquely high chemical stability, the battery’s application reliability is second to none, with exceptional durability and an IP65 rating for outdoor application.

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  • All Special Offer Solar PV prices are Installed prices and based on a standard One or Two storey property with no obstructions to roof access, with single roof design.
  • Properties that are three storey and above/large or oversize conservatories/obstructions to the roof area, that require extra scaffolding is priced at cost, all quotations are supplied before commencement and is paid upon completion.
  • Properties that require multiple roof designs and installation, would have a standard extra roof charge of £279 per roof applied.
  • Prices include all standard roof tile types however does NOT include rosemary tile or obscure slate tile, installations that require extra materials ie Limpets or Hook Stops at a standard cost of £18.50 per panel.


How much energy can a battery store?

Soltaro batteries sizes can be configured to your needs. Starting from 2 kilowatt hours of storage all the way up to 22.5 kilowatt hours for residential usage. As opposed to buying systems with too much storage you will not use, we scale to meet your demand and budget.

Which battery is right for me?

The right battery is one that is matched to how and when you use your energy.

Will I need a new inverter?

Soltaro systems can be retrofit to existing solar inverters.

How long will my battery last?

Unlike most batteries on the market, Soltaro batteries are designed to last over 20 years although this does depend on usage and environmental conditions.

Will my batteries’ performance deteriorate over time?

All batteries will diminish in performance over time and amount of usage. The technology in your Soltaro Inverter and batteries is designed to decrease this effect with a combination of a longer lasting cell chemistry and greater communication between batteries and the inverter.

How safe is the system?

Safety is Soltaro’s top priority. Numerous protective features have been built into the product to ensure safe and reliable operation for years to come. Our batteries use the safest chemistry available LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate), most batteries use the most economical type of chemistry like NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt).

What difference will a battery
make to my energy bills?

There are a number of ways batteries can affect your energy bill. The most typical way is storing energy that you generate and selling at a lower price than what you buy energy for. They can also be used to take advantage of storing cheaper power from the grid to offset when energy prices are high.

What is the difference between AC Retro and Hybrid systems?

Soltaro AC Retro Inverters are designed to be added to existing solar systems. Soltaro Hybrid Hyper Inverters are designed to be fit on new installations or replace ageing solar inverters and using PV panels that are already installed.

Do I need Solar PV panels to have a battery?

No, panels are not needed to have a battery. But, to get the absolute best result for energy saving, batteries provide more benefits when used in conjunction with PV Panels.

Where can it be installed?

Soltaro systems are designed to be flexible and blend in to your home. Most of our products are rated to IP65 which means they can be installed both indoors or outdoors. As our systems are also designed for indoor installs they are one of the quietest systems available.

How long does it take to install?

Soltaro systems are designed to be easily installed and in most cases can be installed within 2-3 hours with minimum disruption to your home.

How long is the warranty?

All of the Soltaro battery range comes with a 10 year / 10,000 charging cycle warranty for your peace of mind. Please see warranty documentation for full details.