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ECOCUTE guarantee not to be beaten on price with the same product and package. ECOCUTE promise to beat or match any like for like quote in the UK. That’s a promise.

Our Promise

ECOCUTE offer a unique low-cost residential solar maintenance and breakdown packages to suit any pocket.

Ecocute have the ability to remotely monitor your system and its performance 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, at a fraction of the cost other companies charge for unnecessary call out fees and annual onsite parts and labour charges.

What’s on Offer

National Breakdown – Repairs & Servicing

Residential Solar PV

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PV System Management

Constantly Monitor and Manage Your PV System’s Performance 24hrs per day – 365 days per year

Peace of Mind

Our commitment to our customers is paramount, Ecocute prides itself on providing its customers with honest and precise information.

We made a decision not to employ sales representatives and only employ proven industry professionals, who have the correct training, attitude and knowledge to provide you with precise detailed information.

Our product and installation warranties are unrivaled within the industry and what’s more we insure our workmanship for your peace of mind.

We take our certification compliance and consumer protection very seriously and are very proud to be associated with our trade bodies.

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We offer a FREE Solar Health Check, this service is not just open to Ecocute customers, Maybe your original installer is not around anymore? And you would just like your system to be checked.

We use complex algorithms to compare total energy generated against expected energy generated.

Expected vs Actual?

Check Performance

Early takers of Solar PV with high rate feed in tariffs can on good days generate in excess of £15 per day from an average residential system of 3 to 4kWp system. Our experience tells us that most system owners will not check their PV system daily, weekly or even monthly with most system owners only becoming aware of breakdown or underperforming issues when they present their generation meter reading to their FIT provider. In some extreme cases the system owner will never know the system is underperforming due to poor system sizing or an intermittent fault due to bad wiring or connections caused by poor installation practice, so it’s clear to see how faults and underperformance can affect financial loss.

With up to 35% Solar systems underperforming
it's time to get connected to your solar!

Solar PV systems are extremely reliable but like most technologies they still need to be occasionally maintained to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

Systems that are actively monitored and managed can be up to 30% more efficient than systems that are not.

Why? With regular system monitoring & management, we are able to remotely identify when a system is underperforming or worse has failed.

2014 YouGen reported that data from 16,000 homes with solar PV systems shows that approximately 35% were not performing to their capacity


Unfortunately the solar industry has had its fair share of bad press and with good reason too. Ever since the word got out that there was free money to be had from solar panels, it was inevitable that sharks, cowboys, rogue dealers, dodgy workers, ruthless salesmen and hosts of have-a-go builders, got in on the act. Most by now gladly have moved on to pastures new, however, it’s clear that they have left a trail of destruction with faulty installations and unfinished work behind them.

There are various companies offering service visits with short and long-term service contracts that in most cases are not worth the paper they’re written on, some companies also offer various products that claim to enhance a system’s performance with ridiculous enhancement claims in excess of 25%. Well of course this is nonsense, most days we come across countless customers who have fallen foul to ruthless mis-selling tactics, who have purchased products that have fallen short of promised monitorial returns, needless to say most of these companies have now ceased to trade.

Ecocute can repair, service, upgrade, manage & monitor a system’s performance 24hrs per day 365 days per year.


ECOCUTE offer maintenance, service and repairs to any existing residential Solar PV systems

How We Work

From your initial enquiry, we gather your system’s data and perform a FREE remote health check bespoke to your PV system. We gather inverter fault codes and check for any obvious underperformance issues, minor tripping and hardware failures.

(Appointments can be moved or cancelled within a period of 5 working days of the confirmed appointment, late cancellations or no show will be subject to charge. The booking fee is non-refundable.)

Home Visit

Upon attending your property, we cross reference initial remote information and perform an actual on site health check to include a visual check of the whole system. Any obvious minor trips & faults, loose wires, missing MCS labels are fixed and replaced and included in the report.

Inspection Testing & Diagnostic

Full Electrical Service – Inspection Testing & Diagnostic Report – all minor faults, trips, loose cables, connectors are included.

The Report will contain any electrical recommendations to comply with the latest inspection and testing regulations & certification requirements, NO RECOMMENDATIONS ARE COMPULSORY, NO WORKS CARRIED OUT UNLESS YOU HAVE 100% AGREED.

ECOCUTE engineers carry all system components, parts and upgrades on the attending vehicle, so generally in 99.9% of cases only require just one visit, Major components including inverter or monitoring systems qualify for a £200 trade-in and FREE Inspection Testing & Diagnostic Service.

£200 Inverter Trade-in and FREE Inspection Service & Report




Service Plans and Pricing

Service and breakdown plans are not just available to Ecocute customers, all services are open to any system owner. With many companies going out of business and leaving many system owners without any point of contact, help or support, ECOCUTE have designed its services to suit any system and any pocket, simply choose which suits you.


Protecting your solar panels from intruders.

We see our solar panels as a valuable investment and reliable source of energy, that in most cases give us a fairly tidy income year on year. Vermin such as pigeons, rats & squirrels, see solar panels as a safe haven and shelter to set up a new home to breed some offspring.

Whilst providing their home in itself can be irritating, there are some serious health issues associated with harboring vermin, damage can also often occur to parts of the solar panels themselves such as DC cabling and coupling points, often resulting in a loss of feed-in Tariff to the owner.

Nationwide installation service, single storey pricing from just:


“Prevention is Better Than Cure”

Call 0800 246 1221


The Solar iBoost+ concept is to divert the surplus solar photovoltaic energy generated at your home to heat water in the household water tank and save you money.

With Solar iBoost+ fitted you will cut the cost of water heating and maximise the free solar energy. Only energy that would otherwise be exported is diverted to the immersion heater.



Monitor home energy usage with iBoost Buddy.

The eco-gauge lets you know when unused PV energy is available so you can switch on appliances. View the Solar iBoost+ display and remotely activate the Boost function.

Keep the Buddy handy so you can check the intuitive traffic light energy indicator.

The iBoost Buddy is supplied with a power adaptor and connects wirelessly to the Solar iBoost.



  • Two immersion heaters can be connected. Priority is given to connection 1 and then energy is automatically diverted to connection 2.
  • The wireless connection simplifies installation and eliminates unsightly wiring.
  • Boost button to switch on the immersion directly from the grid when you need instant hot water.
  • Programmable timer for 2 times each day on 5/2 day format. Summer and Winter programs can be stored for easy changeover.
  • Wirelessly connect to the iBoost Buddy home energy monitor and view the display of the Solar iBoost+ at another convenient location in your home.
  •  CE compliance to all product and safety standards by independent test laboratories. 2-year warranty.

0800 246 1221

Solar iBoost is the UK’s best selling PV immersion energy diverter with over 44,000 units sold.

Firefighter Switch

The Sun Provides the Energy
ECOCUTE Provides the Protection

Fire safety and solar PV

The UK solar industry’s rise to the top of the European solar charts has seen over half-a-million homes across the UK installed with solar panels, for the fire services. This means half a million homes that present several different challenges when compared to the average home. The presence of solar panels can fundamentally change a firefighter’s approach to tackling a blaze, irrespective of whether the fire is PV-related or not.

What’s the Risk?

First and foremost, it is crucial to put the scale of risk associated with solar-panel related fires into perspective, the actual risk of a fire caused by solar PV is “very, very small.”

There is no reason to believe that the fire risks associated with PVs are any greater than those associated with any other electrical equipment.

So what can go wrong?

Where PV systems are the cause of a fire within the home, these fires have generally resulted from poor installation or the use of wrongly specified, incorrect or faulty equipment. Specifically, there have been reports of installations of AC isolator switches being used mistakenly in DC circuits resulting in a build-up of heat within the switch enclosure and leading to a fire.

Other incidents have resulted from the use of faulty inverters or faulty DC switches or the absence of isolator switches. Any switching or connection faults on the DC side of a system can result in the generation of a high-temperature arc or high resistance fault which could start a fire. DC arcs can be difficult to extinguish and pose a risk to fire-fighters attempting to suppress the fire.

Solar From a Firefighter’s Perspective

Research commissioned by the Department for Communities & Local Government and carried out by BRE on fire safety and solar electric/photovoltaic systems identifies the primary obstacle facing firefighters: “In contrast to the power used by conventional mains electrical equipment, the energy that PV systems generate is DC (direct current). DC installations have a continuous current, making them more hazardous (volt for volt) to standard AC (alternating current) electrical installations.

The Firefighter on arrival will follow standard international Firefighter routines and cut the homes AC power supply. The fire can then be safely contained and extinguished, a house with solar PV installed presents the Firefighter with the problem of live DC current within the home from the solar panels.

The DFS (Domestic Fireman’s Switch) works according to standard international firefighter routines, resulting in valuable time being gained in case of a fire. As soon as the AC power is cut to the home, the DFS will automatically switch off and isolate all Solar PV modules. Firefighters only have to follow their regular routine and do not have to waste valuable time eliminating the risk of the PV modules on the roof!

  • Ultimate solar panel rapid shutdown solution
  • Firefighter-friendly
  • Automatic panel shutdown/auto-reset

1. Gain valuable time in case of a fire
The DFS works according to standard international firefighter routines, resulting in valuable time being gained in case of a fire. This routine starts by shutting down all AC power in a house. As soon as this AC power is shut down, the DFS will automatically switch off and isolate all PV modules. Firefighters only have to follow their regular routine and do not have to waste valuable time eliminating the risk of the PV modules on the roof!

2. Completely isolate PV modules
The DFS is powered by a motorized X-type switch and can, therefore, be located directly at the PV modules. This minimizes the amount of cabling with dangerous high voltage and leads to a completely powerless situation in the house, maximizing safety when needed.

3. Auto-reset
A power-down situation can occur at any time and for many reasons. The DFS has an auto-reset function. The DFS automatically switches off if the regular AC power is down and automatically switches on when the regular AC power is on again. No manual reset is necessary every time the power has been down!

4. Contains the world’s most popular DC Switch
The DFS is equipped with the Santon X-type switch, which is the most popular DC switch for PV applications. The Santon ‘snap-action’ spring mechanism, with its response time of only three milliseconds, reduces the electric arc. In combination with the self-cleaning contacts, this increases durability and safety. Therefore the Santon X-type switch has been selected by many inverter manufacturers as their no. 1 DC switch.

5. The World’s Leading DC Switchgear Company
With over 80 years of experience in developing DC switchgear for many different companies in many different and heavy industries all over the world, Santon has proven itself to be a leading DC switchgear company. With the Santon Domestic Firefighter safety Switch, all knowledge and experience come together for you to keep your home, family and valuables safe.

Choose the best firefighter switch available – the Santon Domestic Firefighter Safety Switch.

AC Power Shut Down
= DC Power Shut Down


1. Manual AC power shutdown
The first step for any firefighter in fighting a fire is to shut down the main AC power circuit. This makes it possible to start extinguishing the actual fire without the risk of electrocution. Santon developed the Domestic Firefighter safety Switch according to this standard international safety routine. This prevents firefighters from having to take any extra action in case of a fire, maximizing their and your safety in the event of a fire.

2. Automatic DC power shutdown
As soon as a firefighter shuts down the main AC circuit, the DFS will detect this. If this power down situation lasts longer than 5 seconds, the DFS will automatically switch to the OFF position. Since the DFS is located close to the PV modules, the high voltage DC current from the PV modules will be completely isolated, which leaves a safe situation for the firefighters when fighting a fire in the house.


Tigo TS-4R-O

The innovative Tigo TS4-R platform is a game-changing approach toward the optimisation of PV systems. With this innovative platform, for the first time, every single PV module can be selectively equipped with an additional function.

The TS-4R-O provides module-level optimisation into one seamless unit for enhanced energy yield and increased design flexibility. Ideal for roofs which are challenged by shading, the TS-4R-O optimises each module when shade drops their performance. With optimised modules, more roof space can be used to maximise energy production.

  • Shade and age tolerance
  • Enhanced energy yield
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Maximised roof usage
  • Plus all the benefits of monitoring
  • 1m input and output cables with MC4 connectors.
  • 25-year warranty

Existing DC Optimiser Systems

  • All modules always have to be equipped with an optimizer
  • This can lead to unnecessarily high costs

Tigo Solution

  • Only the modules you choose (e.g. in case of partial shading) are equipped with an optimizer
  • Other modules can optionally be equipped with module level monitoring only
  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower installation costs


Tigo Explained



More Energy Harvest

Only optimise panels that are shaded, great for retrofitting to existing systems.


The only optimiser that will work with any inverter. No need to swap the inverter.


Every optimiser fully tested before shipping, failure rate less than 0.01% worldwide.


Significantly reduces the effects of shading, Fewer components to manage, super-fast installation.

Are you interested in getting on average an extra +12% generation from your Solar PV system?
The new PV PLUS from MATT:E means a faster return on investment for both new and existing installation. Simply have your Inverter isolator replaced with the Solar PV Plus.

  • Free energy direct from the Sun
  • Solar PV is a Fit & Forget technology
  • Works with any PV system, any manufacturer
  • Simple to fit or retrofit
  • Just replace the AC Isolator with the SOLAR PV PLUS
  • Low cost and high carbon benefit
  • Available for inverters from 2KW up to 50KW single or 3-phase supply

12% more generation from your Solar PV system

Supplied & Installed £395.00


ECOCUTE Remote PV System Management Leading The Way In


  • Realtime data production levels
  • Home energy consumption
  • System performance analysis
  • System fault notifications
  • Savings through solar used
  • Savings through solar exported
  • Weekly, monthly & yearly reports
  • Monitored & managed 24hrs per day 365 days per year
  • Works with any solar system
  • Easily installed & managed by Ecocute support team

Don’t lose a penny with ECOCUTE
Peace of mind for just £4.08 per month


There are many reasons why a Solar PV system could experience problems.

In the event of a problem, you can rely on Ecocute to quickly and accurately remotely detect developing faults, failures or underperformance issues.

Keeping your solar system performing to its optimum level 24hrs per day 365 days a year.


Optimise your home energy consumption and align your home energy usage with your own FREE excess solar energy.

Knowing when there is FREE excess solar energy, means you know when to turn appliances ON or OFF and use the FREE excess solar energy from your solar panels.

How else would will you know if you’re getting the most from the FREE excess solar energy.


Electric vehicles, battery storage and energy trading, are all part of the future of energy and it’s coming sooner than you think.

The way we interact with energy in the future will be very different. We expect to see consumers choosing to manage their energy usage and actively, take advantage of determining, when and how to consume.

Active monitoring gives you the tools to manage coming changes.

“I have always been curious to know if my solar panels were working as they should?

Until now, I’ve had to wait until I got my quarterly feed-in Tariff payment to see whether or not the amount of power being produced, matched my payments?

Having my smart monitor installed gives me the peace of mind that my system is working and performing as it should, it will even send me an alert to let me know if there’s a problem or my system is underperforming.”

David Ryms Westernhanger, KENT

“Optimise your home energy consumption and align your home energy usage with your own FREE excess solar energy.

Knowing when there is FREE excess solar energy, means you know when to turn appliances ON or OFF and use the FREE excess solar energy from your solar panels.

How else would will you know if you’re getting the most from the FREE excess solar energy.”

Mrs. Goddard, Hull, East Yorks

“Before I had my smart monitoring installed, I didn’t have much idea of how my solar system integrated with my home’s electricity usage?

The smart app, allowed me to clearly see what my solar panels were generating, what I was using and what I was exporting to the grid day or night, I quickly learnt to align my property usage with my excess solar energy from my panels.

I couldn’t believe that my garden pond pump was using in excess of 240watts per hour – 24hrs per day 365 days per year using a staggering 2069kWhrs per year at an annual cost of (£331.12).

I swapped the pump that uses just 1.56kWhrs per day totalling 569kWhrs per year at an annual cost of only (£91.04) saving me £240 per year.”

Mr Woodhead, Redruth Cornwall