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ECOCUTE Guarantee not to be beaten on price with the same product and package. ECOCUTE promise to beat or match any like for like quote in the UK. That’s a promise.

Our Promise


    The Need For
    Battery Storage Systems

    Solar PV generates and produces energy in the form of DC (Direct Current). Typically a household would normally use around 30% of the total energy generated by the home’s solar panels, resulting in around 70% being sent back to the grid with very little to no benefit to the generator (ie YOU). Storing this excess energy efficiently to enhance incentive payments without affecting them is paramount when choosing the right energy storage system.

    You can now store the unused energy generated from your solar panels via the solar battery for use during the night or peak hours when you need it most.

    Energy on demand 24hrs a day 365 days per year.

    How Battery Storage
    Works In the Home

    In Layman's Terms

    When it rains we don’t always need to use the water immediately , so we built reservoirs to store the water for later use.

    Why would we go to all the effort of purchasing and installing self-generating energy systems then give all the fruits of our labour back to the provider (ie The Grid), at wholesale prices, only then to import this same energy back from the very same provider at four and five times the price you supplied it to them, just a few hours earlier. It’s time to get smart.

    “Clearly as we move through the challenging economic climate ahead, seeking out and implementing cost saving opportunities is paramount for UK homes”

    Two ways to charge the battery
    system with guaranteed savings

    Excess Solar Energy

    Excess solar energy that isn’t used is automatically sent back to the national grid.

    Any excess energy will charge the battery system ready to be used for FREE on demand at evening time and through the night.

    Time of Use Charging

    In addition to charging from FREE excess solar energy during the day, the battery storage system can easily be set to charge directly from the grid when electricity is cheap or even FREE, for example charge at cheap rate overnight to take care of morning consumption, let your solar panels supply and charge the battery during the day to take care of night time consumption.

    Energy On demand 24hrs a day 365 days per year





    Don’t have Solar PV?

    Then Consider
    Solar PLUS Storage

    Electricity generated with an existing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system must be used instantly otherwise the generated energy is automatically sent back to the grid.

    Solar PLUS Storage –
    FREE Energy Day & Night

    Solar PLUS Storage

    Ecocute: Have undertaken and completed product and installation training for its chosen battery storage suppliers, Alpha ESS & Tesla. All offer something slightly different to the UK marketplace be it be Experience, Grid services, Price, Size, Power, AC or DC Charging, they all carry THREE important elements in common which are vital for the UK marketplace.

    1. UK presence.
    2. UK support.
    3. UK service.

    ONLY companies that have provided proof of Insurance/Public Liability, Part P, Members of TSI CONSUMER CODE and shown electrical and practical competency can install our partners’ products. Before YOU let anyone through your door make sure they are CERTIFIED.

    Certified Installer