A day to remember: 50 years on since the moon landing – VARTA batteries were on board

50 years on since the first moon landing, VARTA too is marking an anniversary: batteries from Ellwangen-based battery manufacturer VARTA were on board with the crew. Photos of the first moon landing 50 years ago were captured using a camera equipped with VARTA batteries. The VARTA name has stood for innovation and technology leadership as it has for tradition and dependability since 1887. That’s why VARTA batteries were selected for such missions: last year, for instance, a VARTA battery was used on the space mission to the International Space Station. The VARTA battery pack developed specifically for the trip supplied the necessary energy to a device for measuring the astronauts’ muscle tension. Previously, NASA sent the spacecraft Galileo up in the autumn of 1989 to explore Jupiter and its moons. During the approx. 1000-day journey, VARTA lithium batteries in the probe supplied the semiconductor detectors for the particle measuring device. And, during the first moon landing 50 years ago, NASA equipped Neil Armstrong’s camera with VARTA batteries. To cherish this pioneering work, VARTA is joining in celebrations marking the 50th anniversary: Visitors to VARTA’s website for instance are treated to a film depicting an emotional journey to the moon, bringing to life the company’s unique pioneering achievements.

Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA AG says: “50 years ago VARTA batteries joined the mission to the moon. Meeting such requirements took not only the highest level of technical skill, but a distinct pioneering spirit – an attribute to this day deeply engrained in our company.”

VARTA AG has been recognising future trends for well over 130 years. What began as pioneering work is now part of the very fabric of society, satisfying needs across the board. Today, VARTA is at the forefront of lithium-ion technology as a technology and innovation leader: Strong growth in the market segment for cordless lifestyle products continues to propel the company, which routinely sets industry standards for high-end applications as it has done for hearing device batteries.

The VARTA showroom presents the batteries from the first moon landing.