Solar PV Systems

ALL BLACK German Solar Modules , SOLIS Inverter, Roof Mounting, Electrical consumables, FREE monitoring, Installation, FREE insurance Warranty & VAT FREE
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Battery Storage

Hybrid or AC All in One Battery FREE monitoring, FREE Insurance Fully Installed & VAT FREE
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Solar PLUS Storage

Solar PLUS Battery Packages All BLACK German Modules Battery Storage System FREE Monitoring FREE Insurance Warranty Installation & VAT FREE
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EV Charging

Smart EV charging Operate as a standard EV charger with optional charging modes to utilise 100% GREEN energy generated from your Solar PV

Buy 10 Solar Panels (4kW) & Get 2 Panels FREE (4.8kW)

To include 10 x 4kW + 2 FREE 4.8kW European panels (12 in total), Solis Inverter, Roof Mounting Electrical Consumables, FREE APP monitoring, Installation, FREE insurance warranty, Fully installed & VAT FREE
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    Ecocute offer solar and battery storage packages each month at one time only special offer discounted prices sold on a first come, first served basis, while stocks last or until the offer date ends.
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    British households energy bills have risen by a staggering 1000% over the last 20 years

    Lock in your energy prices today and guard against energy price hikes tomorrow

    It's with some confidence I can say energy prices will continue to rise year on year. Installed Solar PV offers a fixed-cost and hedge against any future energy price hikes, thus making your future energy costs affordable and more predictable. “Why would we go to all the effort of purchasing and installing self-generating energy systems then give all the proceeds of our labour back to the provider (The Grid) at wholesale prices? Only to import the same energy back from the grid just a few hours later at four and five times the price you supplied it? It’s time to get smart. Once the Solar is installed the energy is FREE The smart bit is what you do with it once you’ve generated it”
    Glyn Cooper
    Generate – Store – Charge - Divert - Trade
    Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)
    What Is the SEG?
    The SEG is the subsidy paid to both home and business owners for supplying the national grid with renewable energy. From the 1st January 2020 the new Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) legislation was enforced so that anyone installing microgeneration systems such as Solar PV are subsidized for supplying energy back to the national grid , the SEG was designed to take over the old Feed in Tariff (FIT) which was fazed out at end of March 2019
    Who Pays the SEG
    You receive (SEG) tariff payments for every unit (kWh) you generate but don’t use, therefore unless diverted or stored is automatically sold back to the national grid. Which suppliers will offer you the best price? Our league table will show you the various prices on offer Please Note that the best price may not always represent the best deal for you, such as in cases where you are required to be a customer of the supplier or be a new customer purchasing equipment from the supplier. Not all tariffs are equal under the Smart Export Guarantee, and Solar PV owners are advised to shop around for the best rates. Please see our comparison table .
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